Foreclosure is overwhelming.
Preventing it is simple.

Take Control

Myth #1

"I have to wait until the legal process has completely passed before I can sell my home or move forward."
Actually, the only way to lose to foreclosure is to do nothing. The sooner you start to take action the easier it is to prevent losing your home.
Take Control

Myth #2

"I need to hire an expensive legal team to help me get out of this situation because I don't know the right steps to take, but I can't afford that."
While legal advice is good, you don't need to hire an attorney and you don't have to move through these steps alone. Our team can guide you through the prevention process or we can even negotiate on your behalf - for free.
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Myth #3

"My only options are to sell my home or declare bankruptcy, but I don't like either of those options."
Depending on how far you are in the foreclosure process, you will have several options to prevent foreclosure. After discovering more about your specific situation and goals, our team will craft a prevention plan that helps you achieve your goals.
Our PRocess
Don't just take our word for it.
For years, our team has been helping Kentucky families.
“We were in a spot where we needed to move fast. Cameron did everything he could to help us out, despite the circumstance, and it was smooth sailing from there. It was exactly what my family needed.”
Ronald | Jessamine County
"This whole experience made our lives livable again. We were going through some financial hardship and received a flyer from Good Steward Properties. Cameron came to our home discussed a few ideas and within a week he had a solution for us!"
David | Fayette County
"I encourage anyone who is in trouble due to the virus especially and are concerned about their home to give Cameron a call at Good Steward Properties and let them work for you. The best thing about this is we didn’t owe them anything. Give Cameron a call and be the judge yourself."
Katherine | Fayette County
You don't have to navigate this on your own.
Each foreclosure is nuanced. It can be overwhelming to understand what applies to your situation. Leveraging our team's deep knowledge means that you have an advocate who will be with you every step of the process and empower you to make the best choices for your family.
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